Top angular.js issues

Unit tests fail when run in Australia

ngMock moderate investigation broken expected use bug
brettporter picture brettporter·19 Nov 2013·14 Comments
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ngSrc doesn't work properly with HTML5 Video Source tag

misc core moderate investigation broken expected use bug
red-crown picture red-crown·9 Sep 2012·78 Comments

ng-hide and ng-show showing at the same time for a short period of time in IE11

Known Issue ngAnimate moderate broken expected use bug
PhilipWallin picture PhilipWallin·12 Feb 2016·45 Comments
lazarDevelopment picture lazarDevelopment·16 Mar 2016·67 Comments
sergicontre picture sergicontre·17 Jun 2014·48 Comments

ng-model does not set initial value and position of input[type=range]

forms moderate duplicate broken expected use bug
fschwiet picture fschwiet·18 Mar 2014·35 Comments
clemgrim picture clemgrim·16 Dec 2016·9 Comments
SimplGy picture SimplGy·16 Jul 2014·17 Comments

Onchange is getting triggered before the model update for isolate scope

$compile forms low works as expected confusing bug
vinayk406 picture vinayk406·21 Oct 2013·11 Comments
ofirdagan picture ofirdagan·20 Jan 2014·26 Comments