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Hello, I wanted to contribute to django-video-encoding. I designed a logo for it. If you like any of these, I'll send you files and pr.. I wanted to make a logo compatible with the content of the software. Especially if you have something you want, you can tell me.


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Nice :) I like the first one! Thanks a lot for your effort!

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Nice! Thanks a lot for your contribution. I really like the idea of mixing a play button with some sort of "conversion" arrows. Will think about where to put this and which one i like most.

Thanks, ofcourse. I will send you a pr when you want.

Hi @reallinfo,

now it took me ages to decide on a logo :roll_eyes: but I finally pick the bottom left one :) Would be nice if you could integrate the logo into the README and send me a pull request.

Thanks again for logo :)

oh, okay.
I will update the readme file as soon as possible.

I made a logotype variation. you want also this? If you give me approval, I will send you a pr with all the variations.


Nice :) I like the first one! Thanks a lot for your effort!

Hi @reallinfo,

thanks again for creating this icon. It's been a while and I was thinking about integrating it finally into the project. Are you still interested in continuing on this? Thank you so much :)

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