Faraday: checksum does not match for faraday 0.12.0 gem

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Getting this for new 0.12.0 version of faraday gem.

Bundler cannot continue installing faraday (0.12.0).
The checksum for the downloaded `faraday-0.12.0.gem` does not 
match the checksum given by the server. This means the contents of 
the downloaded gem is different from what was uploaded to the
server, and could be a potential security issue.

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Could you yank the broken gem in the meantime since it can't be installed?

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Hi @jasnow,
I'm really sorry about that, the same happened with faraday_middleware some time ago.
An issue is already open on Rubygems (https://github.com/rubygems/rubygems.org/issues/1551#issuecomment-290918613) to investigate this.
I'll probably re-release it in the next days, you can temporarily solve the issue forcing the version on your Gemfile.

Could you yank the broken gem in the meantime since it can't be installed?

I opened #680 with a change to the Travis CI config to hopefully avoid it, per the comment on the Rubygems issue (indicating it's a race with multiple uploads).

Can the gem be yanked till it gets resolved please.

I encountered this as well.

so am I


Faraday released with fix checksum fix 👍

Verified fixed. THANKS!

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