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I would add Japanese interactive-programming-resources.

But I don't sure where I add.
Where to add other spoken languages?

PR requested

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I don't really mind having a file with only one link.

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Hi, thanks!

Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese.

  • Is this website completely free?
  • Is it really interactive?

All that I can tell is that an account is required to access any content.

_Is this website completely free?_

Yes,it's completely free.

Lessons list:

  • HTML&CSS ( Beginner / Advanced )
  • JavaScript ( Beginner )
  • jQuery ( Beginner )
  • Ruby ( Beginner / Advanced )
  • Ruby on Rails ( Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced )
  • PHP ( Beginner )

_Is it really interactive?_

Here is a capture of the ruby on rails beginner lesson.
It's like a codeacademy.

ss 2016-01-16 7 11 32

Also it has slides to support learning.
ss 2016-01-16 7 07 35


It looks like a Japanese Codecademy, pretty much. I would approve it.

Yep, looks good, thanks!

Is it clear where it should be added?

@switchhax Right now there's only Any opinions on what should be done?

Thats exactly my question. vhf has the word cause it´s his project. Maybe a new file, but for one link? I think this issue could be "spared" for when we have more links for this specific language file.

I don't really mind having a file with only one link.

@vhf absolutely lol

Picking this up... yes, please add; it should be at least 6 links, no?

Suggestion: add Hacktoberfest label to this!

anyone still interested? otherwise I'll close.

feel free to reopen - willing to accept PRs.

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