Freecodecamp: Trigger Google Analytics event when navbar "chat" button clicked

Created on 25 Jun 2016  ·  3Comments  ·  Source: freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp

We are trying to figure out how frequently the navbar chat button is clicked.

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@jondcoleman no worries. I haven't made the change already

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I think I can do this. The file located here has the chat opening functionality. If I need the analytics.js library to trigger an event, is it okay for me to put an import statement at the top of this file, or is the library already available for use?

@sthodup1 made this change before realizing you were planning to do this. Sorry about that. If you've got a change already in place I'll withdraw the PR.

@jondcoleman no worries. I haven't made the change already

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