Freecodecamp: [beta] Improve Instruction for "Regular Expressions: Match Single Character with Multiple Possibilities"

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Challenge match-single-character-with-multiple-possibilities has an issue.
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let quoteSample = "Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.";
let vowelRegex = /[aeiou]/ig; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(vowelRegex); // Change this line

This challenge asks me to "count the number of vowels". This made me think I should add .length to the expression evaluating to my result variable. Adding .length fails the tests, while leaving it out lets me complete the challenge.

Since the challenge isn't testing for a numerical value in the result variable, I suggest that we change the instruction and first test case to only ask campers to find all vowels.

To fix this, update the final sentence to find all vowels in the string quoteSample.

and update the message of the first test case:
assert(result.length == 25, 'message: You should find all 25 vowels.);

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@Greenheart ah I must have been a little lazy to mislead people in the instructions 😆 This change sounds good to me 👍

@erictleung It happens to the best of us! :wink:

I'll do this too, since the change sounds similar to the other two..

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