Freecodecamp: Change mention of "operator" to "notation" in Object Access

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Quoted from @4mifix (bolded text was added for emphasis)

The issue with this challenge is the Operator wording, in Java most people know the word dot operator and in Javascript we use dot notation. Basically the same thing but in this challenge for a beginner programmer the semantics can be confusing. With a little research and reading the difference becomes clear. I was confused about both until I did the research. .Operator and .Notation slight difference but the challenge is about accessing Objects. Dot operator originated in Java.

MDN also uses the terminology of "dot notation", rather than "dot operator".

There is a nuance between the two, operator and notation, but I think for future use, it is an improvement. But as it was pointed out earlier, experienced programmers may be confused for a little bit when reading about this initially.

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Change mentions of "dot operator" to "dot notation".

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I'm in favor of this change.

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I'm in favor of this change.

Can I submit a PR with those changes?

@Bouzmine sorry for the late reply, but yes, go for it! Please first read the contributing guidelines before taking care of this issue. And feel free to visit the Contributors Help chat room if you have any questions about helping. We're there to help.

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