Freecodecamp: [Beta] Matching Braces color in the editor needs to be changed

Created on 28 Dec 2017  ·  3Comments  ·  Source: freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp

Issue Description

The matching braces color #00ff00 in the beta looks weird and after some time it becomes difficult to trace the matching pair. So, with my idea of adding a border around the matching braces like in VSCode, will resolve this issue.
Please, have a look at the below GIF's in fullscreen by clicking on them to notice the difference effectively. This issue will be addressed in my up-coming PR.

Default Setup:

After applying the proposed changes:

Browser Information

  • Browser Name, Version: Chrome(latest release) & Firefox(latest release).
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 32 Bit.
  • Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet: Desktop

@QuincyLarson, @raisedadead Thoughts on this?

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@vkWeb I agree this seems friendlier than the color change, and will look uniform on night mode as well :)

Thanks for spotting this issue and creating these gifs. Excellent issue!

@QuincyLarson Thank you so much :). I'll raise a PR for this as well.

Thanks for your help with this @vkWeb. We're now using a different code editor (Monaco) so this is no longer relevant.

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