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Suggestion: "safe navigation operator", i.e. x?.y

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RyanCavanaugh picture RyanCavanaugh·15 Jul 2014·205 Comments
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Quick fix for 'unions can't be used in index signatures, use a mapped object type instead'

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DanielRosenwasser picture DanielRosenwasser·17 May 2018·37 Comments
MichaReiser picture MichaReiser·2 Mar 2017·99 Comments
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Zorgatone picture Zorgatone·26 Apr 2016·124 Comments
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OliverJAsh picture OliverJAsh·31 Jan 2017·242 Comments
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vyshkant picture vyshkant·12 Mar 2017·98 Comments
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Suggestion: Regex-validated string type

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tenry92 picture tenry92·22 Jan 2016·146 Comments
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Request: Class Decorator Mutation

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Gaelan picture Gaelan·20 Sep 2015·231 Comments
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@ts-ignore for the block scope and imports

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zpdDG4gta8XKpMCd picture zpdDG4gta8XKpMCd·30 Oct 2017·88 Comments
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Support proposed ES Rest/Spread properties

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fdecampredon picture fdecampredon·21 Feb 2015·96 Comments
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