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multiprocessing and nltk don't play nicely together

admin bug inactive multithread / multiprocessing pythonic
oxymor0n picture oxymor0n·16 Apr 2015·22 Comments
hyzhak picture hyzhak·3 Jul 2017·7 Comments

Unclosed file in stopwords corpora

bug corpus enhancement goodfirstbug pythonic
iliaschalkidis picture iliaschalkidis·3 Jan 2018·11 Comments

collocations function returns error

bug goodfirstbug resolved text
martinevanschouwenburg picture martinevanschouwenburg·15 May 2019·10 Comments

Verbnet corpus is out of date

bug corpus enhancement nltk_data
agodbehere picture agodbehere·5 May 2018·13 Comments
peterbe picture peterbe·8 Feb 2017·5 Comments
alvations picture alvations·18 Nov 2016·31 Comments
pombredanne picture pombredanne·28 Aug 2019·14 Comments

ArabicStemmer AttributeError

bug pleaseverify resolved tests
richbalmer picture richbalmer·11 Oct 2017·7 Comments