Top plots2 issues

ebarry picture ebarry·14 Apr 2020·37 Comments
jywarren picture jywarren·16 Jan 2018·21 Comments
emilyashley picture emilyashley·17 Mar 2020·24 Comments

Image upload failing

bug help wanted high-priority
cesswairimu picture cesswairimu·4 Apr 2021·35 Comments
NiklasJordan picture NiklasJordan·17 Apr 2018·26 Comments

Collect and solve Bootstrap 4 follow-up fixes

Epic break-me-up bug help wanted
jywarren picture jywarren·24 Apr 2019·58 Comments
ebarry picture ebarry·8 Oct 2020·10 Comments

ability to refresh displayed inline maps' displayed data when you pan/zoom

JavaScript Ruby break-me-up enhancement help wanted
jywarren picture jywarren·8 Jan 2018·20 Comments

Refine CSS of text in image box on home page for various page widths

CSS HTML fto-candidate good first issue help wanted stale
oorjitchowdhary picture oorjitchowdhary·5 Dec 2018·38 Comments