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Thanks for such a hard work!

When there is some text in an input box, users aren't able to click within a text box to make edits, they need to delete from the end. I could reproduce it in IE 9 and 10.

Also, for Win10 - Internet Explorer 11, I cannot focus inputs on the first click, but double-clicking works. Check the gif:


Im using your simple example with added inputs

browser bug bug wontfix

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I'm using workaround:

<input ... onMouseDown={ (e) =>; }/>

tested in IE11

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I don't have a windows computer so this is going to be a challenge to debug :/

@kesne thanks for your response :) Yeah, I gave it a try but i dont have a windows machine either... it's a very tricky bug, but i dont know whether it's an event error on IE or IE rendering... anyway, im not sure how to debug this properly 😞

@kesne hey! would you have any insights of a way to debug it and where to find this bug? Unfortunately, I dont think im skilled enough for doing so, so if you can sort of tell me how to debug and fix this i could give it a try.

I believe I am experiencing a similar issue for input boxes which are children of a draggable component. It is necessary to double click to get a cursor in any of these input boxes in IE11 or Edge. Also makes it impossible to click and drag to select text in the input boxes.

This is a known bug in IE10, IE11 and Edge and was reported to MS in 2014 but it seems that MS does not want/is not able to fix it: and

I was able to get around this by only connecting the drag source when not hovering the input.

  render() {
    const content = (
           onMouseOver={ () => this.setState({ dragSourceEnabled: false }); }
           onMouseOut={ () => this.setState({ dragSourceEnabled: true }); }

    return this.state.dragSourceEnabled ? this.props.connectDragSource(content) : content;

Are there any other ways of resolving this?
How is the state of this issue?

I'm using workaround:

<input ... onMouseDown={ (e) =>; }/>

tested in IE11

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