React: Devtools scrollbar hides flamegraph

Created on 23 Aug 2019  ·  4Comments  ·  Source: facebook/react

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What is the current behavior?
scrollbar is covering flamegraph

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without scrollbar, there is more graphs hidden by scrollbar
without scrollbar

What is the expected behavior?
scrollbar does not cover flame graph or if flamegraph's height is long enough to use scrollbar, flamegraph container's width should shrink about scrollbars width

Which versions of React, and which browser / OS are affected by this issue? Did this work in previous versions of React?
16.9 / chrome 78.0.3887.7 / macOS 10.14.6 /

Developer Tools Bug

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i am working on this

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i am working on this

my merge request has been rejected :(
according to @bvaughn , this is not an issue
i think it's better to close this issue

scrollbar never automatically hides they always covering flame graphs


Chrome 80.0.3968.0 / darkmode

The issue shown in the screenshot looks like an OS bug of some sort. The scrollbar that's covering content is not the normal, partially transparent OS X scrollbar that only appears when you're actively scrolling.

I'm not sure this is something we _can_ fix, but always hiding scrollbar is not the solution to fixing this.

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