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Resolve `await` syntax

A-async-await AsyncAwait-Focus C-tracking-issue T-lang
cramertj picture cramertj·15 Jan 2019·512 Comments

[Stabilization] Pin APIs

T-libs finished-final-comment-period
withoutboats picture withoutboats·7 Nov 2018·213 Comments
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Tracking issue for `?` operator and `try` blocks (RFC 243, `question_mark` & `try_blocks` features)

A-error-handling B-RFC-approved B-RFC-implemented B-unstable C-tracking-issue F-try_blocks Libs-Tracked T-lang T-libs
nikomatsakis picture nikomatsakis·5 Feb 2016·340 Comments
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Tracking issue for specialization (RFC 1210)

A-specialization A-traits B-RFC-approved B-RFC-implemented B-unstable C-tracking-issue F-specialization T-lang
nikomatsakis picture nikomatsakis·23 Feb 2016·236 Comments
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floating point to integer casts can cause undefined behaviour

A-LLVM C-bug I-unsound 💥 P-medium T-lang
thestinger picture thestinger·31 Oct 2013·234 Comments
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Centril picture Centril·19 Aug 2018·382 Comments

Tracking issue for "Macros 1.1" (RFC #1681)

B-RFC-implemented B-unstable T-lang final-comment-period
nikomatsakis picture nikomatsakis·22 Aug 2016·268 Comments
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LLVM loop optimization can make safe programs crash

A-LLVM C-bug E-medium I-needs-decision I-unsound 💥 P-medium T-compiler WG-embedded
RalfJung picture RalfJung·29 Sep 2015·97 Comments
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Memory unsafety problem in safe Rust

A-LLVM C-bug I-unsound 💥 ICEBreaker-LLVM P-medium T-compiler regression-from-stable-to-stable
dfyz picture dfyz·17 Feb 2020·38 Comments
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Allocator traits and std::heap

B-RFC-approved B-unstable C-tracking-issue Libs-Tracked T-lang T-libs disposition-merge finished-final-comment-period
nikomatsakis picture nikomatsakis·8 Apr 2016·412 Comments
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