Top sendgrid-nodejs issues

Substitutions not working

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panayi picture panayi·10 Apr 2018·43 Comments
machinshin picture machinshin·13 Oct 2017·35 Comments
musti-91 picture musti-91·8 Apr 2020·4 Comments

Subject not changing in Template mail.send()

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falconmick picture falconmick·1 Aug 2018·26 Comments

How to enable sandbox

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SimoMay picture SimoMay·8 Nov 2017·10 Comments

How to attach PDF from URL to Email by using @sendgrid/mail ?

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ShahrokhNiakan picture ShahrokhNiakan·22 Jan 2018·10 Comments
rafaelrpinto picture rafaelrpinto·17 Sep 2018·5 Comments
onesien picture onesien·31 Aug 2017·23 Comments

Confused between `substitutions` and `dynamicTemplateData`

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herkulano picture herkulano·16 Jan 2019·16 Comments
Chrischuck picture Chrischuck·30 May 2018·3 Comments