Vue: Bad parsing when bound data contains a backtick

Created on 14 Jul 2016  ·  5Comments  ·  Source: vuejs/vue

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Steps to reproduce

  • Bind an inline object with a value containing the backtick character

    What is Expected?

  • Object is reproduced properly in the data model

    What is actually happening?

  • scope. is being added to everything between the backtick and an escaped quote.

We're using props to curry an initial data model from the server to the browser. We're doing it in a manner similar to the example shown in the CodePen. Basically, our root Vue instance contains a list of props that will show up on the element and are populated by the server.


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@LinusBorg - I used very handy!

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As a temporary workaround, you can bypass the issue by escaping the backtick.



For anyone investigating, it seems that the issue doesn't occur when the array contains only a single element.

I made a change to a regular expression and this seems to be working fine now. However this seemed like a very important regexp and I am not sure of the patch.


screen shot 2016-07-19 at 10 45 27 pm


(I've highlighted the part in red)

screen shot 2016-07-19 at 10 45 02 pm

@skyronic what RegExp tool is that? looks very useful...

@LinusBorg - I used very handy!

@skyronic thx! I use a lot. It tests with the ruby lib but works fine too.

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