Vue: Empty bound prop's cause a render exception

Created on 14 Mar 2017  ·  3Comments  ·  Source: vuejs/vue

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Steps to reproduce

Pass nothing to a bound prop such as in the example: <test :user=""></test>

What is Expected?

At worst I would expect a warning in the console and no crash; at best I would expect the prop to come through with a null value to the component.

If it is agreed that a warning or null replacement should happen then I am happy to try and pull request this change myself.

What is actually happening?

An error occurs similar to:

[Vue warn]: Failed to generate render function:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token } in

with(this){return _c('div',{attrs:{"id":"app"}},[_c('test',{attrs:{"user":}})],1)}

(found in <Root>)

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This is expected. You'd get a syntax error in JS too if you don't give an object field a value.

Thanks for the response Evan.

I appreciate that. Once you get your head around the fact that bound props are basically javascript properties.

In that case, does Vue have a concept of error checking in dev mode? I just helped a beginner who ran in to this issue - I think they could have worked out the issue themselves if they had received something similar to:

[Vue warn] Bound property 'user' should not be empty on component 'test'

Again, happy to try and add this if you think it's useful.

Yes, this should be possible by checking value here. If you work on a PR, make sure to include an accompanying test case.

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