Emmet: Gedit Plugin?

Created on 29 Mar 2013  ·  16Comments  ·  Source: emmetio/emmet

Hi, do You have a plan for supporting gedit as well?

Greetings from Berlin/Germany

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+1 for an Emmet gedit plugin



Great!!! Thanks amites!!

+1 too

  • another 1

+1 we want to use gedit!!

+1 not really a fan of geddit up i will up vote it because i cant survive with out this plugin



really need it.. please make a supported version of Gedit. BTW, appreciate you guys hard work. :)


Adding my voice to all the +1s

What would be required to port emmet over as a gedit plugin? Perhaps one or a few us could work on it ourselves.

According to Gedit's plugin documentation, plugins can be written in Python, Vala, or C. Since the Sublime Text plugin is written in Python, that would probably the best place to start when writing a port.

+1 for me too. a gedit plugin for emmet would be usefull.

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