Occa: libCEED Travis CI With OCCA Now Failing

Created on 26 Aug 2018  ·  12Comments  ·  Source: libocca/occa

A recent update to OCCA now gives a failure in Travis for OCCA for all examples, CEED, MFEM, and PETSc. I suspect there is a change that needs to get updated in our OCCA backends

PR Link with failing Travis:

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My bad, accidentally pushed a bad commit to master

No worries. I just wanted to make sure you knew because it could have been something we needed to adjust on our end.

I'm still seeing the issue. I made a PR for libCEED that runs Travis against the last version of OCCA that libCEED passes with.


Oops, misread the hash. Thought it was the HEAD commit at the time.
I'll check this tonight, my bad

No worries, thanks for looking into it

@jeremylt seems the new kernelHash method is messing something up


Changing it back to occa::hash(allProps) seems to make libCEED tests pass again. I'll keep looking to find out the root cause, just wanted to update you on that

By the way, @dmed256, I think this issue also affects mfem's engines-dev branch and probably occa-dev as well.

Thanks for the update!

@jeremylt @v-dobrev Just tested libCEED with origin/master (1450f7420484e984adc57ab5df070bd03c0ccbb8) and it passes again

Thanks, David! I'll give it a try with mfem.

The latest commit (https://github.com/libocca/occa/commit/780a06ae273ea037bf21452600ffdb17b93a312c) works OK with mfem (engines-dev).

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