Ps2toolchain: Why very old binutils, gcc and newlib?

Created on 16 Oct 2020  ·  8Comments  ·  Source: ps2dev/ps2toolchain

It does not work with new versions of it?

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Exactly. The 3 items, gcc, binutils and newlib they have a specific patch with the needed changes to make it work for the PS2. Upgrade them to a newer version is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and knowledge.

@fjtrujy ah. okay :cry:
maybe one day we could achieve that

Will this be an active issue for people interested in port those tools to new versions, or can I close this issue?

They have been updated now for EE. This issue can be closed

Closing issue.

Wait, so everything was updated to new GCC version (10) or some things would still using the old one?
@fjtrujy @uyjulian

Only EE was updated. IOP still has some problems

@uyjulian that is a great and excellent progress already. Nice!

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