Registry: unable to add ROR to GRSciColl

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@dagendresen reports

I have added ROR identifiers - but only as URIs because adding as “ROR” cause system error??


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I can confirm this on
when trying to add or 01xtthb56 or anything else really.

When I add the ROR identifier to the herbarium in Tromsø - the Occurrence detail page states Institution match fuzzy...??

Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 15 44 17

Ping @wouteraddink @rukayaj


@dagendresen try to add the ROR identifier again and then the fuzzy match should disappear. However, it might take a few days for the change to be visible in the occurrence detail page since those values are cached and we refresh it weekly.

I can confirm that it is now possible to add a ROR as an identifier. Test example here

I can also confirm that I can add ROR and also Grid identifiers (missing Wikidata QIDs though :-) and maybe also ISNI might be useful? however, ROR covers very well)

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