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ZebraFlesh picture ZebraFlesh·18 Aug 2017·14 Comments
mariusGundersen picture mariusGundersen·8 Aug 2015·13 Comments
moraveyo picture moraveyo·5 Jul 2018·15 Comments

Sinon.JS homepage design

Documentation Help wanted
mantoni picture mantoni·27 Feb 2017·32 Comments

Named spies

Help wanted
tekumara picture tekumara·25 Feb 2013·13 Comments

"API Specification" Style Documentation

Documentation Help wanted Needs investigation hacktoberfest pinned
76784 picture 76784·2 Apr 2019·14 Comments
archcorsair picture archcorsair·23 Jul 2019·11 Comments

Document how to configure Node to allow stubbing EcmaScript modules

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fatso83 picture fatso83·8 Jun 2018·17 Comments

Spy's thisValue not pointing to instance when spying constructor

Bug Medium Help wanted Regression hacktoberfest pinned
PVince81 picture PVince81·9 Feb 2018·10 Comments

Documentation for Getter/Setter spying and stubbing

Documentation Help wanted Property accessors pinned
loganhuskins picture loganhuskins·2 Nov 2017·10 Comments