Free-programming-books: Reminder on open resources found casually

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There's a parallel repo for science books

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openstax textbooks are generally excellent.

openstax textbooks are generally excellent.

good to know but there aren't CS texts; maybe we've to open another one broader book's category here (to include them too)?

There's a parallel repo for science books

What a dumb am I! was "in house". Ok by the way can you delight me here how is the organization of EbookFoundation - free-science-books - free-other - books etc?
I see only you here are a your initiative ? are you alone ? what's your role (other than an integrator) etc
have to do #3053

That one seems a promising source on open knowledge movement ; you know something about @eshellman ?

Hewlett has been funding plenty of good work.

“There comes a point when a creative work belongs to history as much as to its author and her heirs,”
For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain

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